Make Sure Your Voice
is Counted

If you want representatives that share your values, you have to vote – especially in local elections! Local government is directly responsible for so many things that impact your daily life, including:

  • Public safety – such as police, fire, and emergency medical services
  • Housing and zoning requirements, including rental market oversight
  • Public transportation and public works, like streets and sewers
  • School systems and public library services
  • Alcohol, drugs, and quality of life ordinances
  • Recreation, parks, and local environments
  • Small business regulations and local taxation


1. Have your say! When you don’t vote, decisions get made that affect you – but you don’t have a voice in them. Maybe you’re “not into politics” – but guess what? Others are using their political power every day to shape the world you have to live in. Your state and local tax dollars help fund our City and County services, so it’s important that you have a say in where your money is being spent.

2. Build a stronger community. Vote to elect leaders who are responsive to constituents and work for the common good. By upholding the balance between individual rights and societal well-being, pragmatic leaders can improve our daily quality of life and make our communities better for everyone.

3. Help secure your future. Worried about sustainability? Concerned about your child’s education and safety? Hoping to purchase a home one day? Vote for pragmatic leaders who will work to solve these and other problems for you and for future generations. Your vote can help to ensure real progress in our City and County.

You Matter. Be Heard!